CE certification processes for recreational craft is run by the expert team of our company Istanbul Marine Project, which was established in 2001, Istanbul. Our team, which has nearly 15 years of experience in the scope of CE certification for recreational craft, performs the certification service by making the necessary examinations and tests in accordance with the regulations within the scope of EU regulations.

As the Istanbul Marine Project team, we continue to provide CE certification services to hundreds of boats and equipment since 2006, together with the Dutch Certification Institute (DCI), the leading organization in Europe. Our dynamic team, with many years of experience in the field, acts with the knowledge of 15 years of experience while performing the design, test & inspection procedures and technical file inspections of your boat.

We have just one job: CE certification for boats

Boat manufacturing is a specialized business and every stage requires experience. The company you apply to obtain a CE certificate must be competent, knowledgeable, experienced and authorized in this regard. While performing CE certification with our team, we also ensure that your boat reaches international standards.

We are partner of one of the biggest official notified body in Europe

We are working closely with Dutch Certification Institute (DCI) is an official Notified Body licensed to issue CE Certificates in relation to the Recreational Craft Directive.

DCI is Europe’s leading notified body for certification of recreational boats and boating equipment. By combining the experience of our experienced engineers with the global power of DCI, we perform your CE certification process in the fastest and most competent way.

CE Certificate is not a problem; but an advantage

Unfortunately, boat manufacturers in our country face many technical and bureaucratic obstacles in obtaining CE certification as well as having difficulties in the compliance of boats to CE.

The main difficulties they had with their boat manufacturers of CE Certificate in Turkey;

  • Not getting enough information about rules and practices,
  • Not getting the document on time,
  • Not finding a solution in cases of non-compliance
  • Not getting any engineering, technical support and documentation assistance.

As Istanbul Marine Project team, we are excited to help CE certification of your boat by overcoming these problems in the most accurate way and by producing integrated solutions.